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A highly original sound walk that takes us into the heart of the towns Open Air Gallery and makes clear why Walcha is increasingly renowned in the arts circuit today.
‘The path to the future passes through the past.’ In 1838 at Myall Creek, shed blood went into the ground and cried out for justice. Powerful stories of the Aboriginal massacre and the efforts of descendants to heal.
This is a district rich in stories of survival and courage, and of community and friendship. This Soundtrail is a living, breathing doorway into the voices, sounds and music of the people of Warialda.
Ghosts in the jailhouse, what it means to be a local, talking cats, and Peter Allen’s manna from heaven. This is a rare glimpse into the border town of Tenterfield. Produced with the kids of St Joseph’s school.
When Nimbin agreed to host the 1973 Aquarius Festival, the influx of university students and hippies changed the small dairy community forever.
Putting the hipster into the heritage of one of the Sunshine Coast’s oldest towns.
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