How to use the Soundtrails App.

1. Download the app

2. Download the individual Soundtrail you want to follow

3. Put on your headphones and start walking; or alternatively walk the trail in a group with a blue-tooth speaker

If you’re on site you can walk in and out of stories as you follow the map on-screen. GPS will track your location so you trigger stories at specific places.

If you’re somewhere else in the world, listen to stories by touching the pin icons on the map.

stories are best experienced in the place where they are set

Soundtrails Beginnings

It all started in a small town called Uralla, in New South Wales, Australia in 2013. We were recording conversations with community members, from old timers to the 'Pan Handlers' to the cow cockies to the artist ratbags who arrived in the 1970s. We realised these weren't just interviews to be relegated to a 'collection' in the local archives. These were beautiful sound documents that encapsulated something quite unique and these voices, memories and moments deserved to be heard.

Soundtrails quite literally began as a way to get these voices back out to the public. On the back of a federal heritage grant, we were able to build our early model app. What started off as a uniquely Uralla initiative, soon shape-shifted to incorporate other towns. Many years later and Soundtrails is continuing to grow from New South Wales to Queensland - and soon overseas. With world class sound production, a team of skilled developers and a commitment to working alongside communities, Soundtrails is bringing places alive.

Soundtrails is today in a position to be a leader in immersive sound designs. We love what we do, are proud of what we're doing and know that audio is a key component in the locative based experience.