Walcha Sculpture Soundtrail now available

Now publicly available and officially launching in March - The Walcha Soundtrail complements the town's open air gallery (OAG) that features over 50 sculptures, mosaics and artworks from local, national and international artists.

As a result of the OAG, Walcha is now something of a regional sister act to Bondi’s famous Sculpture By The Sea and is recognised internationally for its street art.

The Walcha Sculpture Soundtrails has author, John Heffernan, as our narrator, music by the Grimm Brothers, along with a myriad of other voices, sounds and stories that speak to the works of art, the town and her many people: whether the hairy man carvings on the river or Cyril and Susie Green's recounts of Summervale Aboriginal reservation en route to Gordon Hookey's Rainbow Serpent.

The Walcha Soundtrail is our fifteenth Soundtrail thus far and we're continuing to grow.

Big thanks to the hard work and dedication from the local Quota club and Walcha Council, and all the artists and storytellers involved.

February 6, 2020