Build a powerful locative story and share it anywhere, for free.

Tap into the power of augmented reality

Create immersive experiences for your community where audio and images enhance the real world.

Build your story with a few clicks

Design visually on the map, dragging your audio to where it needs to be experienced.

Share the stories anywhere

The stories you build are platform independent. They can be embedded anywhere.

Immersive Locative Media

Bring stories to life.

There is nothing more powerful than a story experienced in the place where it is set.

It blurs the boundary between the physical and the virtual. It brings a place to life.

The Soundtrails platform makes it easy to locate your audio in the locations where it is best heard and then share it with the people who want to hear it.

This is a game changer for story tellers of all kinds.

Incredible locative stories have been created so far using our platform. Now we can't wait to see what you create.

Who gets to decide what stories are told? It's time to open this up to anyone - for free.

Our track record over the last 8 years

We are trusted by communities and audio producers.

Beautifully crafted locative stories across New South Wales and Queensland.
World class Audio Producers who have partnered with us.

Simple to create.

Add a new Soundtrail in your dashboard.
Find your location on the world map and draw your hotspots.
Drag and drop your audio files, images, and text into the hotspots
Layer background and instructional audio
Your locative story is automatically created as a file and ready to play.
Embed your file into any website, into our Soundtrails app, or your own white labelled app
See what has been created with the Soundtrails platform

Explore existing Soundtrails.

The Soundtrails Universe is the place to explore and discover what has been created using the Soundtrails platfrom.

Use it for inspiration, to experience the powerful stories within our community, or to get a better understanding of what locative media look like in practice.

And if you create something you're proud of, we love showcasing incredible Soundtrails.

Explore Soundtrails Universe
2 ways to work with us

Get Started Now.

It's free to start creating your own locative story.

All the functionality of our locative audio platform is free forever and is easy to use with no development skills required.

There is a size limit on what you can create and if you reach that level and want to grow with us, we have a range of plans.
Get started for free

Commission an audio producer.

Do you have a great idea for a locative audio story and need a professional audio producer to craft it for you and bring it to life?

We have partnered with top audio producers and can put you in touch with one so that you get expert help.
Find a Producer
“The quiet streets come alive! Thoroughly recommended.”
“Loving Soundtrails: human voices + brilliant audio production = lasting and effective stories”
“Fabulous, otherworldly; an absolutely insightful experience to hear the unique features of this town coming alive”