Goonoowigall - State Conservation Area

Welcome to the Goonoowigall Soundtrail, a geo locative audio experience coming to you from Jukembal land as part of the Kamilaroi nation.

This is a living audio portrait of the Aboriginal people who lived here, just out of Inverell, from the 1940s to the 70s.

‘Goonoowigall’ means place of wallaby, but back then it was referred to as Sheep Station Gulley or just The Gulley: a gently sloping granite outcrop of rocks and bush, interspersed with tin huts and tracks.

From here people came and went over thirty years. Its proximity to town, a local school, clean water, bush tucker and relative safety from the welfare or police, made it an attractive place to many.

When farms were being mechanised and broken up, and Aboriginal people were leaving their land and chose not to live in government run compounds – sometimes referred to as missions – this was where they came. Some came because they had nowhere else to go, others were broken hearted, many had family, and all were welcome.

This site affords us an intimate living document into what life was like here, and is a powerful testimony to strength and endurance. Enjoy!

Before venturing out check the NPWS website for the latest park information.

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Credits and Contributors

Soundtrail Producer: Hamish Sewell

Voices heard: Elizabeth Connors, Lance Bartholomew, Pauline Bartholomew, Shirley Jerard, Ronnie Connors, Errol Connors, Hilda Duncan (nee Connors), Beryl Hepi (nee Connors), Doris Connors, Linda Connors, Barbara Connors, Tanya Keenan, Elizabeth Weidemann, Dr Heather Goodall, Cliff Charter, and Daryl Hoyt

Thanks also to Inverell Shire Council, our partners in this project.

Music by Buddy Knox, Fiona Peters and Len Waters