Myall Creek

Located at the Myall Creek Memorial site on the Bingara to Delungra Road.

‘The path to the future passes through the past.’

In 1838 at Myall Creek, shed blood went into the ground and cried out for justice. Just this once, justice was done. Just this once there was a linking of hearts, from the Governor of the day to the convict who refused to participate: a shaft of light powerful enough to penetrate the deep darkness of our national denial.

The Myall Creek story did not finish then. The story is still being written and we are all part of it.

In 2000 at Myall Creek, hundreds witnessed a descendant of the massacred embrace a descendant of the perpetrators, watched by a descendant of those who had brought them to justice. In that embrace, we who were condemned by our actions to be restless wanderers in this land, were welcomed home to country at last.

Join in the story with this highly produced audio walk (geo locative) that was produced in collaboration with local community.

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Credits and Contributors

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