SCU CubeWalk

Explore Southern Cross University’s Lismore campus via its immersive documentary-based CubeWalk Soundtrail. The walk features 12 short profiles revealing powerful stories of resilience, support, passion and success from SCU students and staff.

The CubeWalk Soundtrail follows SCU’s CubeWalk network of public artwork and adds a new experiential layer to the interactive cubes, their mobile learning interfaces and the CubeWalk’s multimedia archives. The CubeWalk Soundtrail aims to foster environmental awareness, a sense of belonging and social inclusion amongst people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Such mobile educational technologies offer unique opportunities to connect people and their environments in new ways, thus supporting the sustainable development of research, teaching, learning and community engagement at Southern Cross University. The CubeWalk Soundtrail can be used for tutorial activities, allowing tutors to design audio-enhanced walks which explore specific concepts relevant to their teaching content.

Students in Southern Cross University Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications’ Making Radio class produced the 12 documentaries in 2016.

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Credits and Contributors

The SCU CubeWalk Soundtrail was funded by Southern Cross University Higher Education Participation and Partnership Programme (HEPPP) Project. Project leaders: Jeanti St Clair and David Rousell.

Engagement | Sensing Law student Ronny Susanto says being involved in university life and mentoring others enriches your university experience. Story produced by Kristian Keogh.

Becoming | Knowing Widjabul/Wyabul elder Aunty Irene Harrington is committed to building knowledge of the Bundjalung language. She welcomes you to country. Story produced by Jeanti St Clair.

Affect | Feeling Science student Shana Miller's experience of a Colombo Plan excursion to Sumatra helped reveal to herself just what she was capable of. Story produced by Cloe Jager.

Imagination | Creating Two visual arts students discuss their art practice and its philosophical underpinnings. Jodi Woodward is concerned with the complexities of the human condition, identity and memory. Michele Bevis uses recycled materials to draw attention to the human impact upon the planet. Story produced by Emily Page and Simon Whicker.

Embodiment | Movement Moesha Johnson studies biomedical science, is a competitive swimmer and is part of SCU's Elite Athlete program. Story produced by Nada van Kempen.

Collective | Collaborating Dr Kristin den Exter's father worked at SCU as an environmental science lecturer when she was a child. It is no surprise that she followed in his footsteps. Story produced by Dean Aaron.

Emplacement | Mapping Associate Professor Ross Goldingay has spent years mapping Lismore's koala population, including those living on the SCU campus. Story produced by Daniel Richards.

Mediation | Design Dr Alyssa Simone is a media artist and lecturer in the Bachelor of Media. Story produced by Kayleigh-Rea Smith.

Materiality | Express SCU's dive officer Simon Hartley is also a keen aquaponics researcher. Story produced by Matthew Murphy.

Justice | Critical Thinking Bachelor of Law (Honours) student Johanna Byrne faced an incredible loss in the first year of her degree. Story produced by Karlyn Major.

Network | Ecology Stevi-Lee Alver, a Creative Writing student, found her first publication gave her the courage and confidence to pursue more opportunities, and to experiment with poetry forms and style. Story produced by Jessica Neal.

Sustain | Futures Thinking Shelli Van Santen is completing her Marine science and management master degree and is passionate about finding solutions to global plastic pollution. Story produced by Jacqueline Munro.