The Living Classroom

Welcome to The Living Classroom Soundtrail. Built across 150 hectares on the edge of Bingara NSW, The Living Classroom (TLC) is creating from a parcel of denuded land to an ecological and environmental wonderland. Geared to the next generation, the TLC is about building meaningful connection to the land around us: whether through sustainable farming, wild food foraging or carbon capture.  

Born out of eight years working alongside farmers, our community, artists and scientists, this Soundtrail presents a series of audio snapshots that are built to inspire listeners and document our journey. From the Earth Oracle, to what it means to be rehydrating the landscape, to the Aussie Farm Dam Makeover, TLC Soundtrail is a reminder of what it means to explore new ways of regenerative agriculture, let alone get your hands – and feet - dirty. As you walk the trail and weave through orchards, past food forests, and wetlands, we encourage you to mix and match stories and become part of this important and constantly unfolding community project. So don your hat and headphones, watch out for the critters and enjoy!

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Credits and Contributors

Sound Producer, Hamish Sewell

Thanks to all those who have supported this project: Rick Hutton, Garry McDouall, and Gwydir Shire Council

Voices heard: Paul Moulton, Dianna Saunders, Ken Withers, Elizabeth Kakoschke, Alex Wisser, Ross Groth, Mark Bogan, Stephen Apthorpe, Stuart McGarrity, Carmen Southwell, Donna Walton, Quinn Stamer, Kai Stamer, Meaghan Stamer, Susanne Hughes, Carmen Southwell, Rick Hutton, Garry McDouall and Geoff Bassett