Warialda sits on the crossroads between Inverell, Bingara and Moree in north west New South Wales.

A service centre for a predominantly rural farming sector, its stories here suggest that Warialda is also a fascinating historical and cultural marker in Australian history.

The town served as a hub on the frontier for bushrangers, convicts and large landholding squatters, and many here today still have a direct line back to that time.

This is a district rich in stories of survival and courage, and of community and friendship.

Beautifully produced by award-winning sound producers, the Warialda Soundtrail is a living, breathing geo locative audio walk into the voices, sounds and music of the people of Warialda.

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Credits and Contributors

Honey. Honey Dawson, Debbie Ford. Music by Maddie-Rose. Football. Jim Payne & Ray Lindsey. The Government Run. Peter Hancock. Original composition by Michael Whiticker. Lawlessness.Peter Hancock. Original composition by Michael Whiticker. Warialda Gums. Bill McIntosh. Mr Keating. Peter Hancock. Reading by Rick Hutton & Henry Young. Stan Hunt. Stan Hunt. Original composition by Hamish Sewell. Charlie Woollett. Charlie Woollett. Narration by Helen Wilkinson. Maddie-Rose. Maddie-Rose. Keith Moore. Keith Moore. Murder at Racehorse Inn. John Hay, Tim Smith & Robyn Smith. Carinda House. Harold Rolfe, Yvonne Ledingham & Anne. Music, 'Sash' by Michael Houlahan, from the Kez and Friends album, Follow Me. Undertaker's Daughter. Jeanette Wilson. Original composition by Saul Standerwick. Grace Munro. Hugh Munro, Heather Gilmore. Readings by Jen Mead.